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biospot-zagreb-generalWhat is BioSpot:

Biospot is a new platform where Central European bio-research meets investors and industry representatives. The BioSpot´s purpose is to connect researchers, their ideas and their inventions with potential investors via a web based platform (www.biospot.eu) and/or annual presentation conference series “BioSpot Conference”. The web application collates and advertises technologies available for licensing in the field of life-sciences. Researchers can submit their inventions on the website for internal evaluation by experts. Submissions are reviewed for content, quality of research data and maturity. Technologies which pass an initial quality check are published on the website and inventors are welcome to consider their presentation of the same at the Annual Biospot Conference. Publication of technologies on the BioSpot website is free of charge. A maximum of 10-20 technologies are annually selected by the Board of Referees and scheduled for oral or poster presentations (or both) at Annual Biospot Conference. The innovative one day conference takes place in Prague.