About BioSpot:

Biospot is a new platform where Central European bio-research meets investors and industry representatives. The BioSpot´s purpose is to connect researchers, their ideas and their inventions with potential investors via a web based platform (www.biospot.cz) and/or annual presentation conference series “BioSpot Conference”. The web application collates and advertises technologies available for licensing in the field of life-sciences. Researchers can submit their inventions on the website for internal evaluation by experts. Submissions are reviewed for content, quality of research data and maturity. Technologies which pass an initial quality check are published on the website and inventors are welcome to consider their presentation of the same at the Annual Biospot Conference. Publication of technologies on the BioSpot website is free of charge. A maximum of 10-20 technologies will be selected by the Board of Referees and scheduled for oral or poster presentations (or both) at Annual Biospot Conference. The innovative one day conference takes place in Prague. Poster stands are available at the venue. The poster format is A0.

About Annual Biospot Conferences:

The Conference is organized annually to bring Central European life-science researchers face-to-face with industry representatives and to enable them to present their most promising ideas in a pre-determined format. Participation at the Conference is by invitation only and is restricted to inventors, their technology-transfer officers (TTO), industry representatives, investment funds and research & innovation governing/funding agencies. Each presenter has a unique opportunity to present his/her ideas and to deliver an investment or collaborative proposal to an audience. The official language of the Conference is English. Please consider that only non-confidential information is allowed to be published on BioSpot website and at the Conference.

The Conference has two main sections:

  1. Oral section - oral presentations of most interesting technologies summed into a 10 minutes synopsis
  2. Poster section - introducing of other promising technologies which are not selected for oral presentations

Program of the Conference is always available 4 weeks before the Conference begins.

How does Biospot work?

Are you a researcher, investor, technology scout, industry representative or an investor? Please read below:

Are you a scientist and/or inventor?

If you are a researcher or other scientific staff and have promising intellectual property and/or technology ready to be licensed, just go to biospot.eu....., click on “ADD TECHNOLOGY” in the main menu bar and fill out the listed fields. Then fill out the template form for technology registration (You may use the sample technology sheet for guidance). Whenever you finish, please SAVE the additions and you can return to the form later to modify, change and complete the registration process. Once the technology description is completed, please press SAVE and SEND button and the technology will be submitted for evaluation with no further editing options. Only fully completed and submitted technologies will be considered for publication. Please ensure that the Confidential Agreement check box is checked. Please also ensure that the information you enter is not confidential because it will be published on the website biospot.eu and become a public domain. In case of interest, confidential information may be shared with industry/investors, later based on direct bilateral contacts and agreements.

Next step: Review process:

Submitted technologies will be reviewed by the referees with both scientific and industrial backgrounds. As soon as the review is completed, you will be notified of the status of your application. It may be scheduled for i. oral or ii. poster presentation at the Annual Biospot Conference and published at the biospot.eu website, iii. published at the biospot.eu website only, or iv. rejected. Is your technology eligible for presentation at the Annual Biospot Conference? In case your technology is successful, you will be prompted to register for the Annual BioSpot Conference via email. Are you an investor or an industry representative? Click here to fill out a simple registration form for Annual Biospot Conference. View technologies on biospot.eu, and we will contact you soon to ensure your participation. Are you a technology transfer representative? TTO representatives (maximum one technology transfer officer per technology) are welcome to accompany scientists invited for oral or poster presentations at the Annual Conference. Are you a governing or funding body representative? Due to limited capacity, the participation of governing and/or funding bodies representatives is by invitation only. If you have not been invited, but would like to participate, please check availability with the organizer.


What is the event about?

  • The event is envisaged to be a platform for inventors in the biomedical field.
  • To meet investors and industry representatives.
  • To facilitate technology transfer and to catalyze innovations in biomedical sciences.
  • Presentations of the most promising projects prepared for investments and industrial development.
  • Chance to meet and understand the needs of inventors and industry.


For Whom?

  • For researchers and inventors with entrepreneurial ambitions.
  • Principal investigators who would like to apply their knowledge to the development of a product.
  • Investors, business angels, venture capitalists who are looking for investment opportunities.
  • Technology transfer professionals.
  • Spin off companies´ representatives.
  • Biopharmaceutical industry with an apetite to license and develop innovative and proprietary products from inventors.