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Database Registration

Technology submition to BioSpot Database is subject to registration. The registration is free of charge. The technology submition in BioSpot Database and its publication is subject to Board of Referees approval. At the moment your technology has been approved for inserting and publishing in BioSpot Database, you will be informed about the fact via e-mail. The technology registration deadline is usually in mid-February.

Please consider that only non-confidential information is allowed to be published in BioSpot Database and BioSpot website.

If you wish to submit your technology to BioSpot Database on BioSpot website, just go to www.biospot.eu, click on “REGISTER/LOG IN”  in a main menu bar and fill out listed fields for a basic personal registration. Then ADD YOUR TECHNOLOGY by filling out a template form for technology registration (you may use the sample technology sheet for guidance). Whenever you finish, please SAVE the additions and you can return to the form later to modify, change and complete the registration process. Once the technology description has been completed, please press SAVE and SEND button and the technology will be submitted for evaluation with no further editing options.

Only fully completed and submitted technologies will be considered for further evaluation and publication on BioSpot website. Please ensure that the Confidential Agreement check box is checked. Please also ensure that the information you insert is not confidential as it will be published on BioSpot website and become a public domain. In case of interest, confidential information may be shared with industry/investors, later based on direct bilateral contracts and agreements.

In case of any significant improvements of a published technology there can be done any modifications and updates of the technology through a LOG-IN form.

For more information please e-mail at info@biospot.eu.