Stem cell proliferation and 3D scaffold production is currently a trend in tissue engineering, regenerative medicine and bioadditive applications. As cell cultivation is a very complex and specific process, equally great attention should be paid to careful analysis and new design of systems that offer a compatible platform for cell growth and create 3D tissues by providing conditions that mimic their natural microenvironment. Bioreactor development process with an emphasis on human medicine will help accelerate the entrance of bioreactor technology at clinics and manufacturing hospitals of the future. Depending on the applications and specific requirements, the bioreactor system must be designed to produce differentiated cells with uniform properties required for individual tissue structur


Using the predictive software methods, sensorics, material research and diagnostic imaging equipment, the concept will be able to design a complex feedback bioreactor system that will be capable of repetitive tissue culture in vitro under in vivo similar conditions using scaffolds made by additive manufacturing and bioprinting. Experts involved in the concept evolution are from Technical University of Košice, Associated Tissue Bank in Košice, Department of Material Sciences of Slovak Academy of Sciences and experts from clinical and industrial sector.


The advantages of the concept are in innovative solutions of modularity and movement of the bioreactor units using current progressive technologies and materials for bioreactor production. The modularity of the bioreactor system is associated with biocompatibility, transparency and the possibility of recycling individual components of the bioreactor system. Based on predictive software methods and using deep learning and machine learning mechanisms, the bireactor system will be able to optimize parameter settings based on the analysis of collected data from integrated sensors.


At present, a digital model is prepared, which is the result of a national grant. Numerical simulations of bioreactor sy


As part of the project, review articles were published in anthologies at Slovak and international conferences.


As part of the development of the concept, it is planned to submit several utility models and patents that will be linke


We will use commercially available systems for certain parts of a bioreactor system. Technical University, Košice

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