COMS: Continuous monitoring system in psychiatry


COMS is a modular system capable to prevent relapses of mental diseases. We developed mHealth platform (ITAREPS) enabling continuous monitoring of the clinical state of patient.combined with a special light mask and actigraph unit. The goal is to prevent relapses of bipolar affective disorder and schizohrenia.


Wireless-enabled wrist-worn actigraph unit to continuously monitor changes in psychiatric conditions based on daily wireless transmission of raw actigraphic sleep/wake cycle data to the central server via mobile app was developed. As an extension, a special light mask has been developed for the purpose of luminotherapy affective disorders. The system includes a night mask. A low intensity light(╬╗max = 450-550 nm) is delivered via LED patches at preselected time periods during sleep period to regulate disrupted circadian rhythms detected by actigraph. mHealth platform (ITAREPS) enable continuous monitoring of dynamics in the clinical state by the identification of prodromal symptoms of relapse using home telemonitoring via a phone-to-PC SMS interface.


COMS is cost-effective and is financially viable in relation to the cost of psychiatric services and hospitalization of the pacients. COMS employs modern communication and information technology for timely intervention during initial phase of a mental disease relapse. The system allows for reducing the number of illness exacerbations and subsequent psychiatric hospitalizations. As a result, the COMS can improve functional outcome, quality of life of patients.


Prototype in clinical trials


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COMS was developer in a consortium of National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH)/Prague Psychiatric Center, Elon technologies and Mindpax company The technology is offered for co-development and licensing.

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