Biological stress is an influential concept, capable of permeating our daily lives. After all, we encounter and speak of stressful situations on a daily basis. The concept of biological stress has also garnered considerable scientific attention in many fields of study. However, despite a vast amount of scientific literature showing that stress can affect almost every aspect of our lives, including health, work performance and general well-being, no commercially available method is currently capable of directly and objectively measuring stress levels. We at ENTRANT believe it is time to change this. Our core scientific team has developed a novel, non-invasive and objective stress measurement method which we at ENTRANT aim to put it into practice.


Our approach is based on measuring a novel variable: Stress Entropic Load – or SEL in short. Unlike conventional approaches based on self-reported questionnaires or physiological and biochemical stress correlates, SEL provides us with the bigger picture. Becouse every adaptation comes at an energy cost to the organism, monitoring that energy cost at any given moment reveals the level of stress present. SEL, which may be calculated using a set of standard physiological parameters, provides us with the required information by allowing us to calculate the entropy production of the human body, which is linked to energy flows. We thus believe that SEL works as a general marker of stress and facilitates its cumulative measurement in a wide range of fixed and mobile scenarios.


Classical approaches to stress measurements are inherently unable to quantify and objectively compare stress between individuals and are unable to measure stress cumulatively. The unique approach of ENTRANT by measuring SEL allows us to overcome all these problems. Entropy production is objectively quantifiable and thus allows a comparison of stress levels between people. Furthermore, in principle, SEL may be measured for long periods of time allowing quantification of cumulative stress and applications aiming to monitor chronic stress exposure.


We have tested our measurumest with our first prototype, suppported our hyphoteses with anonymous data. And much more...


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This mathematical approach is patent pending by Masaryk University at Brno.


The one and only owner of this technology is Masaryk Univesity with closed deal on exclusive licesing to Entrant.

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